About Us

Tres M Properties evolved from M&M Homes, which has been a known and trusted custom home provider since 1998, owned and operated by the Arredondo family: Gilbert, his wife Sally, and their three daughters, Mikayla, Madison, and McKenna Faith. The name Tres M was inspired by their daughters and the shared involvement in the family business. Gilbert’s first house as a custom builder was their own home, so the daughters have grown up with the values that inspire the Tres M Vision and Mission:


Tres M Properties exists to create access to affordable quality homes and to afford anyone the opportunity to enjoy daily life and relationships in a comfortable environment.


At Tres M Properties we build, decorate and sell quality homes that are unique. We believe a house is like a refuge for the weary, and that one should leave such a place refreshed.


When people have a Tres M Properties experience, they are getting the best in custom building, real estate sales, and property management. Gilbert and family provide an unrivaled trifecta of convenience for people looking to buy a new house, sell their existing property, build a custom home, or rent while they are in the building phase. Tres M serves as a turn-key solution many times over.

  • Custom Homes
    We find the perfect balance between fine craftsmanship and affordability
  • Real Estate
    Need to sell your home? We got you covered!
  • Property Management
    We specialize in handling properties that need to be maintained, managed, or leased out.